Other Projects

LEGO DRIVE - March 2016

When life gives you LEGO... you BUILD! After several months of collecting, the Lego Robotics team & school community at EJ James Public School in Oakville collected 200lbs of LEGO! We'll be shipping sets of LEGO to several remote First Nations communities up north! We are currently boxing all the sets and will be shipping in the 2nd week of April, 2016.



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Kenya, Africa - Summer of 2013

Through Me to We, Free The Children and PotashCorp Food Security, we experienced a 'life-changing' opportunity to volunteer at a 'Free The Children' community in Kenya, Africa.  During our 21 day trip, we camped and volunteered with local Maasai Mara, helped to build a school, learned some basic Swahili, participated in social justice discussions, walked alongside a local mama down to the Mara River to bring back water to the village, played with local children, engaged in discussion on water and sanitation issues in rural Kenya, worked alongside community members in planting trees and harvesting food and participated in discussion about Agriuculture and Food Security issues in Kenya and how they impact the local communities. During our stay in Kenya, we travelled on a safari through the Mara with a local guide and learned traditional storytelling, the importance of traditional weapons and even practiced how to use them through our Maasai Guide. We continue to support and are members of our own school's 'Free The Children' club!  Thank you Me To We, Free The Children and PotashCorp Food Security!!

Kenya Africa 600 Kenay Africa 99 Kenya Africa August 2013 505 Kenya Africa August 2013 58 Kenya Africa August 2013 4 Kenya Africa August 2013 2 zz CornwallSince 2012, we have sent books to other groups and organizations and helped local communities in southern Ontario. Fort Albany Women's Shelter - Since 2012, books, colouring books and activity sets, crafts, toys and baby items have been sent to the Women's Shelter in Fort Albany.  Through our work, we have built a library of books and will continue to support the women and children at the centre.A) Fort Albany letter FebWomens Shelter 1 _n Womens Shelter 24_o Meno Ya Win Health Centre, Sioux Lookout receives hundreds of books from teen sisters, Julia and Emma Mogus - Founders of Books With No Bounds During a recent trip to Sioux Lookout, we were shocked to learn the patients at Meno Ya Win Health Centre in Sioux Lookout, had access to outdated and little reading material. In our efforts to provide good books, we committed to helping this facility by shipping boxes of adult and children's books to the Health Centre for patients and youth programming. Since 2013, several shipments have been made and will continue in 2014. IMG_7756IMG_7750Meno Ya Win Thank you card 1002082_535454043187511_724619886_nIndian Friendship Centre Thunder Bay 1Literacy Day 2013 zzz St. Andrews Scan0071