Emergency Shipment Program

Thank you letter WE LOVE 1 (2)Merg 5merg 1Merg 3Emergency aEmergency 3Emergency 2Emergency 6Emergency 5Emergency 4January, 2016 - Through our Emergency Shipment Program, books are sent to the homes of children living in remote communities so that they may begin to build their own personal libraries.  Children living in isolated communities may not have access to public libraries or are limited in the availability of books they can access.  Our Emergency Shipment Program relies on donations received to ship a box of books (each box contains between 20 - 50 books) along with craft, school supplies and a toy or game for any child living in a remote fly in only community in Canada.Arianna Gagnon recievs her books 2_n Aroland Emergency Shipment Alyssa Kashkish August 2, 2014_n AROLAND shipment of books to school f_o  

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