Books to Philippines

In March of 2016 our most recent shipment of books, science equipment, school supplies, educational resources, toys and crafts, arrived at the Ibarra Elementary school in the Philippines. We are working with local teachers and community partners to construct shelving units for two libraries in the elementary and secondary school in this community. Van 5 Van a Van aalioj Van b Van cc Van d Van e Van ewss Van fg Van h Van i Van ikddh Van lkcxz Van lkj Van ls Van mmjfd Van o Van p Van qlkj Van shvcc Van waas Van ww Van xxcd Vans 2ssudi Vans 38459fif Vans cchifkf Vans eeitt5 Vans gghdkdo Vans ieieodlg Vans irorpf Vans wuri844 Vans wuzizbvvv Our first shipment was recently recieved in the Philippines in May of 2014, after travelling by boat for five months for the children of Maasin City in Southern Leyte, Philippines.  Here are some photos from our library project in the Philippines. For the past two years we have been shipping lots of great supplies and resources (books, workbooks, microscopes, toys, manipulatives, school supplies and more) 12644648_565319443625180_1975741328769956268_nand now we are working on fundraising to build shelves inside our library. Thank you everyone for making this project such a great success

Through donations we were able to pay the high cost of shipping books and other needed supplies to children living in Canada and around the world.  Our #EmergencyShipment Program continues to provide books and other resources to children, families, school and community groups in Canada and around the world. Philiopines books arrive ffffPhilipines books with kids nBooks arrive in the philipines photo thankyou8_oBooks arrive in the philiopines _oPhilipines books with kidsttt_nPhilipines books with kidsfff_nPHILIPININES thankyou card _nPhilipines photo sent 1 ePHILIPPINES1_oPhillipines shipment aaanbbbb_n Phillipines shipment aaan