Books to Africa

  Banner GHANA   January, 2016 - Our shipment of clothing, books and a KOBO ARC 10" Tablet was received in Ghana, Africa. SInce  2012 Books With No Bounds has sent shipments of books, educational resources, clothing and toys to the Mothers Aura Foundation - a remote community in Ghana, Africa. Books to Ghana 111_n Ghana 1111_o Ghana abc Ghana abcde nGhana abcdef       Ghana abcd n               BANNER UgnadaDSC01107     Our second large shipment of books and supplies safely arrives at the orphanage in Kampala, Uganda.  Books With No Bounds has invested in a food sustainablity program at the orphanage and through fundraising efforts we have successfully purchased livestock, farming equipment and seeds to support a feeding program to 55 orphans at the centre. Books Arrive in Uganda, Africa - Sept 2014 from Books With No Bounds on Vimeo.    

After travelling by boat since July 26th, 2013 our books have finally arrived in Kampala, Uganda! Here are some incredible pictures of the beautiful children at the orphanage -'Friends of Orphans Revival Ministries'- along with the books we sent! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz882226_587478004651781_83744492_o zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz1401945_587478241318424_851857971_ozzzzz1272717_566762283372637_9443583_ozzzzzz995531_566762386705960_787383858_nzzzzz1385739_566762396705959_472443675_nzzzzzz1402029_566762216705977_1473104733_ozzzzz1383055_566761920039340_86801556_nzzzzz1395965_566762376705961_1397965513_nzzzzzz1385014_566762250039307_1077480641_n Banner GHANA

          FOUNDATION(GHANA) COMMENDS BOOKS WITH NO BOUNDS "WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR BOOKS DONATION.THANK YOU" zzzaaa12353_560463830687634_1833935560_n zzzccc1381539_560463754020975_536287626_n