Etobicoke campers (a.k.a  Impact Agents) in Etoboicoke, Ontario created a series of videos to help share our mission! Through the support of First Book Canada, we have been generously granted well over 10,000 BRAND NEW BOOKS since 2012, along with a TD 1,000 dollar book grant we donated to St. Andrews school in Kashechewan First Nations communitiy.

Books With No Bounds continues to partner with First Book Canada in improving literacy in remote communities in Canada.  Thank you First Book Canada for your incredible support! first book canada 2013 008 first book canada 2013 002 First Book Canada 002 first book canada 010

    tvo kids filming 001tvo kids filming 002tvo kids filming 003Since 2012 we have been fortunate to have the support of Panago Pizza in Oakville, who have helped us during our local craft and book drives in the community. Panago Pizza continues to be a big supporter of Books With No Bounds and we are very grateful for their wonderful contribution to improving literacy and reading skills both in our community and remote communities in Canada.