In 2015, we worked with students and staff at Deer Lake First Nations, a remote fly-in community in northern Ontario, and spearheaded our 1st annual  'Ecoliteracy' initiative campaign whereby students helped to clean up the envirnoment.  Through donations received we were able to purchase a 100 dollar iTUNES gift card as one of the prizes earned for students participating. Thank you Deer Lake for the wonderful photos of grade 4 and grade 6 students taking part in the cleanup!

Eco Literacy Deer Lake Eco literacy programming deer lake

Since 2013 Books With No Bounds has created an environmental education programming through the launch of our 'Ecoliteracy' initiative.  The project is designed to educate youth living in remote communities with environmental resources and materials.  Our programming helps to minimize the negative impacts on our life-sustaining systems through workshops and campaigns. We believe in empowering ecologically literate children with books and civic engagement opportunities for a healthier and greener world!

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